7 of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most romantic moments

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Arnold Schwarzenegger most romantic moments

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a ladies man — it’s just that many of us weren’t aware of it. Yesterday, when news leaked out that Arnold impregnated a household staffer, people probably wondered how a man well past his prime was able to juggle a marriage, a family, and being Governor of California — all the while banging employees on the side. It’s truly a testament to Arnold’s focus and dedication to the task at hand. Something he undoubtedly picked up in his times as a world-class bodybuilder.

That aside, this didn’t necessarily come out of right field. Over the years, Arnold has developed a talent for romanticizing women. Here are his seven best moments.

Photo credit: Lon R. Fong, Flickr

7 Cozying up to a reporter in Brazil during Rio Carnival

You really have to hand it to the guy. While attractive Brazilian women are dancing around him draped in bikinis that barely cover their genitalia, Arnold seems intent on giving this reporter his best “f&$k me” eyes.

6 Arnold on a dating show in 1973

In his younger years, Schwarzenegger certainly didn’t lack self-confidence. On a dating show, he brags about the size of his pecs and biceps to the contestants. And he’s surprisingly not caught off-guard when one of the girls makes a crack about being small down there.

5 Even a pregnant Schwarzenegger in Junior was able to score with the cnicks

It pays to be modest and humble sometimes as well. In his Oscar worthy performance from the movie Junior, a pregnant Arnold scores with Emma Thompson with the line, “does my body disgust you?”.

4 Planning his next ménage à trois

Arnold’s ability to rebound from bad news is uncanny. On the same day that news leaked of Arnold and Maria’s separation, he was already planning his next ménage à trois. Watch as he gets comfy with two women outside his mansion right after the split.

3 Dancing the Tango in True Lies

A wise man once said, “women equate dancing to sex”. So if you look like an uncoordinated bastard on the dance floor, chances are, you’re not going home with a special lady that evening. Thankfully, for Arnold, he seems very fleet of foot.

2 Teaching the kids the birds and the bees

If you recall, Mr. Kimble was banging the mom of one of his students in Kindergarten Cop. He, however, also also had time to give the kids a brief lesson in sexual education. After all, nothing makes you more attractive to women then teaching kids the birds and the bees.

1 Arnold equates pumping iron to uh, cumming

Not only is this the most romantic moment in Schwarzenegger’s life, but it’s arguably one of the greatest videos in internet history. Only Arnold could pump iron, talk sex and then just casually mention the male orgasm.

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