Apparently Jon Hamm’s penis is a problem

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Jon Hamm


And not the usual kind of problem that a penis can be. A distracting Mad Men problem. This is the America we live in now, people – an America where multiple inches of text can be written to describe a television actor’s junk. Jon Hamm, star of Mad Men and America’s sweetheart, apparently is packing a serious hog in his pants (as evidenced by recent weird paparazzi photos – can you imagine being the dude who took those pictures and had to sell them?) and said hog is proving to be a distraction while filming and promoting the upcoming fifth season of Mad Men.

The New York Daily News has the latest, in which an unnamed AMC insider is reporting that there’s all kinds of problems going on with the show’s fifth season and Hamm’s hammer. As the show’s timeline moves forward into the late 1960s, we enter the era of ultra-tight men’s pants made out of synthetic materials that leave nothing to the imagination. Hamm, who typically prefers to free-ball it for maximum comfort, has been asked by staffers to invest in some briefs to keep his situation under control when shooting. Apparently one episode where Don Draper relaxes in Hawaii was so distracting that the crew could barely keep things under control.

In addition, the rep states that AMC has been Photoshopping out Don Draper’s junk in promotional materials since the show started, but with the fashion changes they can’t get away with it as much anymore.

At this point, you have to know that Hamm is fully aware of his genetic gift and is just rubbing it in the faces (not literally) of the other actors he works with by not wearing underwear. Like you know that the dude who plays Pete Campbell isn’t hung like a horse. The only way you get the swag that Don Draper brings to the table is by packing heat in your pants.

Mad Men comes back on Sunday, April 7th.

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