VIDEO: Danielle Panabaker has grown up to be one seriously sexy woman

by 6 years ago

The first time I saw Danielle Panabaker she was playing a teenage superhero in the movie Sky High (don’t ask). I thought she might turn out to be an attractive woman, but then she kind of disappeared. Well, she’s back, and whoa, she did ever turn out sexy.

Thankfully for us she is in some movie called Piranha 3DD (not exactly Shakespeare, but who cares) and the folks over at Complex were smart enough to interview her, take some pics, and shoot this wonderful, wonderful video.

Here’s a couple of tidbits from what was actually a rare interesting interview with an actress (i.e. she talked about getting naked).

Piranha 3D featured an epic underwater ballet sequence with two busty chicks in the buff. Please tell us you’ve somehow topped that.
[Laughs.] Unfortunately, there’s no naked underwater ballet [in Piranha 3DD], but there are plenty of women running around scantily clad, and, yes, even naked.

Did you have as much fun on a set full of nude hotties as, say, we would?
It was definitely bizarre, but the women were professionals. They knew what they were doing; nudity is nothing for them. [Laughs.]

Hard to believe, but Danielle is still only 24 years-old. Looks like I’ve got my first entry for our 2012 Most Underrated List.

More pics and the complete interview can be viewed over at Complex.

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