George Clooney hung a picture of his dick on the ‘Roseanne’ set fridge, allegedly

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Roseanne Barr appeared on The Talk today, which I am sure you missed, and there she told the story of how George Clooney posted a photo of his dick on the fridge of the Roseanne set. Of course, Roseanne is daft, as anyone who follows her on Twitter will know, but still it’s a good story. Keep reading.

According to Roseanne

“We would laugh at it all the time, and about the second day it disappeared,” said Barr. “I thought it would surface by now but maybe they don’t know it was George Clooney.”

Did I mention she was daft?

Clooney, for what it’s worth has denied this story, but as Gawker points out there was a paragraph in George Clooney: The Last Great Movie Star (Revised and Updated Edition) that says that the story is true. Of course this book was NOT written by George Clooney so… I guess what I am saying here is that we have a choice: believe Clooney, a known prankster, or believe Roseanne, a known nutjob. Do with all of this what you will. My job is done here.

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George Clooney Put a Picture of His Dick on the Roseanne Refrigerator [Gawker]

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