Ice-T demonstrated his special ‘Call of Duty’ celebration: The Dick Dance

by 3 years ago

ice-t call of duty dance

Ice-T was on Conan last night when the subject turned to playing Call of Duty and what he does when he finally beats a really hard level. And what he does is called The Dick Dance. Yes, it’s pretty much what it sounds like.

Ice-T then elaborates, explaining exactly what goes into it (or rather what comes out) then puts on a hilarious demonstration, saying, “It’s liberating.” I have no doubt.

Now I have never done The Dick Dance after completing a level of Call of Duty or any other video game, but you what? I think Ice-T may be on to something. I just hope I remember to close my curtains when I do it or it might be the last time I get to play a video game for awhile.

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