Jennifer Love Hewitt in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

by 5 years ago
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The Jennifer Love Hewitt GIF anthology is perfectly timed with the release of her new music video. You should definitely check that out as well as these 50 bouncetastic GIFs.

Yes, I will have a massage thank you very much.

That's an interesting POV.

JLH's Sharon Stone moment.

From her new music video. Something you should watch RIGHT NOW.

Have mercy.

Weird. I swear I just was here for a massage.

Trust me, her lips are moving.

Have jockey shorts ever looked so good?

Dat ass.

*Runs over to perform the Heimlich*

Ok fine, I was here for a massage earlier. So what.

Flashers are no longer creepy.

That's like, magical.

Ok well, this is getting uncomfortable. I should get a frequent visitor pass.

And so am I...after I file for divorce.

This is JLH taking about her hoohah. You'll want to take a look at this Jimmy Kimmel appearance as well.

Just taking a leisurely jog.

So yea, about that members only pass?

The JLH 'O' face?

That's not how you measure them.

Again, you really need to check out her new music video.

Yep, DAMN!

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