Julie Bowen’s revealing dress almost led to wardrobe malfunction

By 11.28.12

Modern Family star Julie Bowen (she of the GIF of the Year) made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night, and let’s just say her dress was pretty darn awesome. One of the drawbacks of wearing a dress so awesome however is the fact that sometimes awesome dresses tend to walk the border of the viewer fave: the wardrobe malfunction.

Julie: “I need to make sure everything stays where its been taped and glued….I’m a mom.”
Leno: “Is that paper-mache?”
Julie: “Don’t throw water on me, I’ll suddenly be naked.”

I suddenly need a plane ticket to California. And where is that Culligan man costume I used to have?

She also talked about how she had one of her dreams come true by kissing Rob Lowe. Pfft… what’s he got that I don’t have? Oh yeah. Anyway, watch this video to see her cleavage-baring dress in all its glory.

Photo credit: NBC

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