A Justin Bieber sex tape is being shopped around and it sounds wonderful

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On the heels of a photo of Justin Bieber biting on the nipple of a stripper making the rounds (more on that in a moment), now comes a report that there is a strip club sex tape of Bieber being shopped around. At this point does this come as a surprise to any single person on the planet?

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First off, over the weekend Justin and his partner in crime Khalil Sharieff were photographed sucking on the nipples of a stripper, only sucking isn’t the right word for what Justin was doing. He looked more like he was trying to rip it off with his teeth. (The very NSFW pic can be viewed here.)

Now, as for this purported sex tape, Radar breaks it down like this…

In a still image provided to RadarOnline.com, Bieber can be seen with his baseball cap on backwards, a security guard nearby and his two partners in crime, who are topless.

The rest of the 12-minute “crystal clear” video sees Bieber in compromising positions and romping “with two strippers during which he spanks their bum and pulls off their panties with his teeth,” a source, who has watched the entire tape, revealed to Radar.

Supposedly this was recorded in November of 2013 on a surveillance video inside a strip club in Australia during his tour of the country. Unlike with most stars, this actually sounds believable since we already have seen stories about Bieber partying with a bunch of naked women and heard hookers in Brazil talking about the size of his penis. Just another chapter in his ever-devolving life story.

Justin Bieber Sex Tape Shocker: Troubled Pop Brat Purportedly Caught On Camera In Kinky Strip Club Orgy [Radar]

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