Catching up with Kate Upton and Jason Pierre-Paul at the AXE Sport Blast Combine House

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On the heels of today’s NFL Draft our friends over at AXE held an event last night somewhat resembling a combine in which they pitted New York Giants all-pro defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul against Guyism favorite Kate Upton. Promoting AXE’s newest product ‘Sport Blast’ JPP and Kate squared off in a game of Pictionary, a walk off (see Zoolander), amongst other things. Ultimately Jason Pierre-Paul reigned supreme as he completely beasted the round of Pictionary going 3 for 3 in 22 seconds. However, before the competition I was able to pick his brain a little bit about life as a Super Bowl champion, NFL Draft advice for newcomers and a few other things.

Cass: Thank you so much for taking the time with me today, I’m sure you’re a busy man preparing for your matchup here at the AXE Combine House with Kate. So, how do you like your chances against her? What if one of the challenges is a dance off? She’s pretty well known for doing ‘the Dougie.’

JPP: She can do the Dougie? I didn’t know she could do the Dougie, I can’t even do the dougie. I think its going to be a nice competitiion. We get a lot of these games going on, its gonna be a nice event to support our charities and stuff.

Cass: So, how has your life changed since winning the Super Bowl?

JPP: Really I’m just working, I’m working a lot. Winning gives you a lot of opportunities to work, like this, to support the axe products like this Sport Blast, just doing a tour. Been staying really busy.

Cass: What advice do you have for draftees off the field? Temptations are abundant for players who hit it big, was there something you had to do to avoid these temptations?

JPP: Off the field? There’s going to be a lot of parties going on. Don’t get me wrong you can have fun and party but there’s a time and place for it. You are going to the biggest job interview you are going to have in your life so don’t mess it up. There will be drinking, just make sure you don’t drive. Most importantly, get a driver, just don’t drive drunk.

Cass: So one of the biggest problems plaguing the NFL these days is concussions. Do you think the NFL is handling the situation correctly and doing enough about it?

JPP: I don’t know, me personally I’ve never had a concussion so I can’t really tell you. What’s the first step in actually doing the test even? So it seems to me like they’re doing a pretty good job.

Cass: Thanks again for taking a few moments to talk with me and good luck later against Kate.

As stated before JPP went on to squeak out a win in the final of 5 events against Kate, which of course gave ample time to capture some pictures of the two for your viewing pleasure.

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