8 actors that most personify manliness

by 6 years ago
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Not every actor is a man. And not every actor that is a man acts with manliness both on and off the screen. But, these actors encompass what it means to be hard working, ambitious heroes in the manliest ways possible; in fiction and reality.

On screen: He's the original James Bond, Indiana Jones' father, and that dude from The Rock that once said, "You'll do your best? Only losers say they'll do their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."

Off screen: He was knighted for his services to England (so make sure to address him as "Sir Sean Connery") and his accent is one of the highest emulated and most recognizable in the world.

On screen: This 89 year-old has been acting for over 50 years and has played such weighty roles as Dracula, the dark Jedi Count Dooku from Star Wars Episodes I-III and the wizard Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Off screen: Just a couple of years ago this badass senior citizen collaborated with other musicians to create and release a symphonic metal album, chronicling the life of Charlemagne. Does your grandpa put out metal albums? I didn't think so.

On screen: He's Han Solo, Indiana Jones, the President, and the Fugitive. Harrison Ford has lent his knowledge of crafting a story and adding believability to many important roles he's played.

Off screen: He rides a motorcycle, engages in environmental conservatism, pilots various aircraft (even rescuing a hiker who got lost and became disoriented a few years back), and is married to a woman almost 20 years his junior. And at age 69, he can still kick your ass.

On screen: He's been James Bond, an amnesia-afflicted cowboy, a fierce Nazi killer, and more.

Off screen: He looks like he wants to kill you even when he's smiling. Plus, he's married to the gorgeous Rachel Weisz.

On screen: Arnold has the most kills of any actor, possibly in just a single one of his movies. (Obviously, I'm referring to Kindergarten Cop. Brutal.)

Off screen: He was the goddamn governor of California for 8 years. Oh, and there's an iPhone app available with loads of his quotes from various films.

On screen: He got his star power by playing different versions of crazy British ninja hit men and outlaws, most notably as Frank Martin in The Transporter trilogy.

Off screen: Before acting, Jason was a diver for the British National Diving Squad, finishing 12th in the 1992 World Championships. He has also studied Wing Chun, kung fu, kickboxing and karate. And it shows. (Plus he's dating a Victoria's Secret supermodel.)

On screen: He's unbreakable, John McClane, and plenty of other bald (or balding) toughies.

Off screen: In 2002, Willis purchased 12,000 boxes of girl scout cookies at the request of his daughter to send to the American Navy in the Middle East... serious father of the year points.

In 2007 Willis, doing some of his own stunts in Live Free or Die Hard sustained an injury above his right eye that showed exposed bone which he brushed off as "no big deal"... serious horrifying wound points.

On screen: Rocky and Rambo; enough said.

Off screen: At ages 60, 62 and 64, Sly Stallone played Rocky, Rambo, and Barney Ross (from The Expendables), respectively. These movies not only showed off his massively impressive blood, sweat and tears physique, but also the dedication to his characters and the stories he's crafted for them.

Originally published on October 7, 2011.

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