Megan Fox is causing people to get their faces blown off with shotguns

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Megan Fox shotgun murder trial

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Okay, Megan Fox is not LITERALLY causing someone to take a shotgun and blow another person’s face off, but the mere mention of her did allegedly cause that to happen. I knew those Transformers movies were going to come back to haunt us as a society.

According to the Miami Herald, Jason Beckman, 17, who is on trial for killing his father Jay, a South Miami city commissioner, told his fellow inmates that just before the shooting he and his dad were talking about Megan Fox when his dad busted out the ultimate insult.

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“His father told him he wouldn’t know what to do with that,” the inmate, Michael Nistal, told Miami-Dade jurors.


Beckman, who prosecutors say talked openly for years about hating his father, grew enraged. “So he went and got a shotgun and blew his head off. He missed his head and shot his face and part of his neck,” the inmate said.

As the inmate testified, Miami-Dade prosecutor Gail Levine showed jurors a glamour shot of Fox.

Why it matters in this case that he and his father were discussing Megan Fox and whether or not young Jason would or would not know what to do with her is a mystery, but it does go to show why Megan has not be appearing in many acting roles the past few years. Her presence on a movie screen is simply too much of a danger to the general public.

That’s why we’ll only see her in video game commercials and ads for Avon from now on. It’s safer that way.

Testimony: Joke about actress Megan Fox led to son’s murder of father [Herald]

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