Megan Fox in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

by 5 years ago
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Megan Fox sexy


Despite her shortcomings as an actress, Megan Fox is a wonderfully talented entertainer. Don't believe me? Perhaps these Megan Fox GIFs will convince you.

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Judd Apatow to Leslie Mann: "Honey, I need you to grope Megan Fox in this new movie I'm doing."

Black guy in the background...LOL!

It's called ChapStick. Use it.

That's probably not wise.

This, however, takes lots of wisdom.

Yes, yes you are.

Ma'am, I think you need a towel. Or some anti-antiperspirant.

This is from Two and a Half Men--a show that's amazingly still on TV.

*Blushes...stop talking about me like that girl*

Yep, that's a boob.

See, even Megan thinks these GIFs are excellent.

Her greatest acting moment?

Look closely at this GIF and you'll notice someone hiding in the background. Peeping Tom?

Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave.


This GIF ended far too soon.

She has since removed this tattoo.

I think she's doing the robot.

No need to check, you look fine.

How many of these groping GIFs are there?

Yea, I know, I'm angry too. This anthology's almost complete.

Literally? No. Figuratively. Well, no to that too.

Bye, we'll miss you!

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