Miley Cyrus’ head on a white Nicki Minaj body (and booty) is scaring me a little

by 3 years ago

miley cyrus nicki minaj butt

Miley Cyrus is now the white Nicki Minaj. And here all along we thought Miley Cyrus’ goal was to become the white Rihanna.

Over the weekend, someone, might have been Miley herself, who knows with these people, put Miley Cyrus’ head on Nicki Minaj’s epic “Anaconda” cover.

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Nicki’s response to suddenly being turned white with Miley’s head on her body? “Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi.” Plus 12 laughing emojis just for good measure.

But Miley wasn’t done there, hell no…

She also posted this one, ruining the childhood memories of thousands…

Then, never one to miss a marketing opportunity she posted this…

And then she got a baby pig…

Some day I would like to visit the planet Miley Cyrus lives on. It looks so interesting.

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