Miley Cyrus says little sister Noah acts as her ‘pussy police’

By 06.24.14

miley cyrus pussy police

Noah Cyrus is Miley Cyrus’ 14 year-old sister so one can only imagine what she’s going to be like later in life, but for now Miley says that her little sis serves in the role of “pussy police.” Wait till you hear that that means.

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Appearing with Sophie Monk on Australia’s 2Day FM, somehow the subject came around to whether or not Miley waxes or shaves her, you know, lower pelvic region, because of all of the outfits she wears that are, ummm, revealing down there. To which Miley responded that her little sister Noah acts as her pussy police to make sure nothing, err, slips out, as she performs. Now there is a job to strive for in life.

Then later Miley and Sophie twerked. Because, of course they did.

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