You won’t see Robert Pattinson’s balls in ‘Cosmopolis’

By 05.25.12

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Great, now what am I going to do with these 600 tickets I bought? R-Patz is teaming up with visionary director David Croenenberg for Cosmopolis, a movie about a multi-billionaire traveling through New York City in a limousine and the strange adventures he gets up to along the way. One adventure, however, turned out to be a little too strange for the Twilight star, and it involved his balls.

In a wide-ranging interview with Metro France, Pattinson touched on several topics, but the most interesting for our purposes involved a scene that we won’t get to see. Fan blog Robert Pattinson Life has the translation, which goes like this:

“Five minutes before we filmed, David told me, ‘I want to see the bottom of your balls on the top of the frame.’ At the moment, I reminded myself that I would do anything for him. So I went back to see him and told him that wouldn’t happen. He took it really well. At the start, it’s a very bizarre scene that you won’t see again in another movie, I promise.”

So how does “I would do anything for him” transform into “I would do anything but show my balls for him”? Respect down, Pattinson. Whip those boys out and let them sing.

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