Trish Stratus’ New Balance commercial scares me a little

by 5 years ago

Trish Stratus is the greatest WWE Diva of all time, and since she retired she’s done nothing but stay in really good shape. Evidence: This video showing her shooting a commercial for New Balance. So why does the New Balance commercial featuring Trish Stratus scare me? Because, damn, she’s doing things that make me fear for my life if I ever ran into her. Trish Stratus could whip my ass so fast I wouldn’t even know it happened. I think her tan alone would put me into submission. She’s a bit intimidating, especially in this video. I guess it’d be worth it to have Trish Stratus beat my ass though. It’s as close as I’d ever get to actually being her boyfriend, which would also be cool now that I think about it. Girl’s in shape! When you’re done being emasculated by Trish in the video be sure to head over to her site and check out the pics. They’re not as frightening.

Photo credit: YouTube/New Balance

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