85-Year-Old WWII Veteran Graduates from College

by 5 years ago

His name is Joseph Pinsky, a granddad who fought in the Philippines in WWII before coming back to America and starting a career as a mail carrier. After retiring, his wife asked him what he planned on doing—and he said that while he liked fishing, getting a college degree would probably be more rewarding.

He found that he liked most of the subjects in his liberal arts program, and the other students treated him like any other guy.

From the Huffington Post:

Pinsky said he enjoyed studying all subjects — save for philosophy — but that he found psychology and meteorology most interesting.

And what about that age difference?

“I was just like one of the students,” Pinksy said. “They didn't consider me as 'hey pop,' you know what I mean?”

It took him 10 years to attain the degree, but he got it done Tuesday, solidifying Pinsky as an inspiration to everyone out there chasing a degree.

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