Bro or Not Bro: Are ‘Kneedrops’ the Next Huge College Drinking Craze?

by 6 years ago

A few weeks ago Chris, the founder of, hit us up with an e-mail explaining the concept:

The concept is essentially like tebowing except it's for the college student aka bro. Take a knee, take a drink and put your other hand in the air. We have been kneedropping for years, long before tebowing, but decided a couple months ago to start a website. We have generated a pretty good following for the website considering it solely operates on pictures of kneedrops.

It sounded a lot like any other drinking/internet trend to us, so we asked Chris to clarify how kneedropping stands apart from “icing” and “tebowing”:

Icing involves drinking one beverage, which is considered gross to almost everyone, that is forced upon someone. Kneedropping is a voluntary act that people do because they want to or the situation calls for it. If you need to chug a beer, if you are in a cool location, or if you simply like to do it, take a knee. You choose to kneedrop and you can do it with almost anything. To be honest, I thought icing was an awful idea but it caught on. I think we have something catchy hear that appeals to any alcohol drinking party going college kid.

In other words, it's an amalgamation of all the trends… Think Tebowing, except with booze and without the element of surprise a la “icing.” The past two summers, simple stuff like this has exploded. Icing owned the first half of Summer 2010. Planking/Leisure Diving started in late April/early May of last year before giving way to Tebowing in the fall. It's still up-in-the-air on what the huge drinking could possibly be, if one even emerges at all. So, wee must ask… Could it be this? Or are we finally over these one-and-done drinking/photo crazes that burn bright and fast in popularity before dying off because no one cares?

I guess we have to ask: Kneedrops… Bro or not bro?

Click here or on the pic below for a gallery of people “kneedropping”…

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