Bomb Threat Evacuates LSU Campus

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This is the fourth bomb threat to hit a college in the last three days. On Friday, thousands of students left the campuses of North Dakota State, UT-Austin, and Ohio's Hiram College after their schools were evacuated. In Baton Rouge today, the school has considered the threat credible enough to ask all of the 40,000+ people on campus to leave for the day. From NBC:

An evacuation order has been issued for LSU’s campus due to a bomb threat. Details are limited at this time and no specific location on campus has been given.

LSU has asked everyone on campus to evacuate as quickly and calmly as possible.

The bomb threat also includes the University High School, which is located on LSU’s campus. They are providing updates via Twitter. They say that those students who are unable to be evacuated by parents after 12:30 p.m. will be “…sequestered in the new gym. The gym is being swept by bomb sniffing dogs now.”


Traffic around the school has understandably slowed to a crawl. But if you're on campus, you should make moves to get off now.

Follow LSU's Twitter account for updates.

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