10 Buzzwords You Should Omit From Your Resume If You Don’t Want to Spend Your Life Jobless

by 5 years ago

LinkedIn's 10 Most Overused Words In Resumes

10. Creative

9. Organizational

8. Effective

7. Motivated

6. Extensive Experience

5. Track Record

4. Innovative

3. Responsible

2. Analytical

1. Problem Solving

First of all, I'm a little upset that synergy isn't on this list. I guess it's not really a “resume” word but we've got a guy in our office that is a habitual claimer of synergies. I'm sure there is a line on his resume, somewhere, that says, “Responsible for identifying synergies between BroBible and other organizations.” EVERYTHING CANNOT BE SYNERGISTIC, YOU ASSHOLE! Secondly, for 2013, I would like for all of you “job-seekers” to do everything in your power to make sure “cross-pollination” finds it's way into your resume and onto this list. I recently received a buzzword heavy email from someone and I felt the need to troll him so I broke it out in my response. Had to have blown his fuckin' mind when he saw it:

Hi Jeff,

Great to meet you virtually as well. I took a look at your product, I can see the obvious synergies you were referencing in your email and, after much consideration, I definitely think there are ways to cross-pollinate. Let's tee up a call for tomorrow. 




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