An Instagram Account That’s Basically Just Hot College Girls In Bikinis? That Seems Relevant To Our Interests

by 10 months ago

🧀Emily from University of ArizonağŸž #BearDown #TheCollegeBabes

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Listen, I am not going to bore you here with trying to pretend I have anything important to say about this. It is what it is: hot college girls wearing bikinis and other sexy outfits (or less).

It’s called “TheCollegeBabes” and someone out there is probably making bank off of it because, well, it’s fucking genius is why. It appears from their web site that all of the pictures on their Instagram page have actually been submitted to them which is even more fucking genius. Imagine having the job of sorting through those emails each day and getting paid for it.

Anyway, enough talk. That’s not why you’re here. You’re here for this…

🍉Our Ambassador, Emily, from Michigan State University🌲 #MSU #TheCollegeBabes

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🍰Christina from Rutgers University❤️ #RU #TheCollegeBabes

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