Help Connect Us with the Person Who Wrote an Eight Page College Essay On Drake’s #YOLO

by 5 years ago

Why? This popped up in a Reddit thread and we're utterly fascinated and amazed that someone went there with the catch phrase/hashtag of the year. So, we'll leverage the power of the social interwebs to track it down in a hope to read this term paper ourselves. Here's what we know: Someone out there — presumably at Pepperdine University since the Facebook status update says “Malibu Beach” — wrote an eight page essay on Drake's #YOLO. But why should just the hallowed halls of academia be the only ones to enjoy it? We'd like to read it and maybe even post it. Perhaps there's a larger audience for this important work of critical theory? We'll see. So, if you know the author of this masterpiece, tell them to drop us a line. We'll publish it anonymously and confidentially. “Like” this post, Facebook share it, e-mail it to your friends on the West Coast, whatever. Let's make it happen, Internet.

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