College Grads: Things Could Be Worse

by 5 years ago

But if you've got a college degree, consider yourself lucky—because high school graduates are not finding any work.

A new study by Rutgers University has revealed that only 1-in-6 young high school grads have full-time work. A huge number, 90%, work hourly-wage jobs.

From the New York Times:

But among those who graduated after the financial crisis, the numbers are far worse: only 16 percent of the classes of 2009-11 had full-time jobs. An additional 22 percent were working part time, and most of them wanted full-time work.

Despite the continuing national conversation about whether college is worth it given the debt burden it entails, most high school graduates without college degrees said they believed they would be unable to get good jobs without more education.

“If I ever want to get out of retail,” said Bethany McClour, 21, a part-time worker at The Children’s Place clothing store in Medford, Ore., “more education is definitely important.”

Recent grads, even if you're biding your time working a job you don't like, the message is clear here: having a college degree is still needed.

H/T: Gawker


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