The ‘Top 25 Colleges with the Most Athletic Guys’ Raises Some Interesting Questions About NARPs

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Via our friends at Huffington Post College:

25. Ohio State University

24. Lafayette College

23. Tuskegee University

22. Middlebury College

21. Duke University

20. University of Alabama

19. University of Georgia

18. Bucknell University

17. Brigham Young University

16. University of Wisconsin

15. Rollins College

14. University of Virginia

13. St. Lawrence University

12. SUNY Cortland

11. Florida State University

10. University of Mount Union

9. University of Miami

8. Santa Clara University

7. Bowdoin College

6. Boston College

5. UC Santa Barbara

4. Pacific Union College

3. Miami University

2. Colgate University

1. University of Southern California

So there you go: USC, home to the most athletic Bros in country. Or maybe not.

Here's Something to keep in mind: As with all College Prowler “lists,” there's a frustrating lack of criteria. It's basically just some factless opinions being spewed out by their readers. This list is a fail for not establishing a clear cut definition of “athlete.” Does it mean playing a team varsity sport? Clearly that's not the case since USC — a big, D1 insitution — is #1. So then, does athlete also include participating in an intermural sports? Or working out? Does ultimate frisbee count?

1. How are major military academies not included in the top 25? I.E.: West Point, the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, Virginia Military Institute, The Citadel, etc? These schools have mandatory sports and physical fitness programs. It's a crime they're buried so low on the list.

2. How is it possible a tiny liberal school like Middlebury, Colgate, and Bucknell — all with enrollment under 4000 — outrank said military instiutions, who surely boast near 100% athletic involvement. Surely Middlebury, Colgate, and Bucknell would have quite a few NARPs (non-athletic regular persons) to skew the overall ratio.

3. Where the hell is the University of Florida, which is constantly touted for its athletic culture? Brodie Smith would be disappointed his Gators didn't make the list. It's buried at #31. 

Your frustations with the list in the comments. 

Colgate University pic via Wikimedia.

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