Duke Fraternities in Hot Water Over Email Invitations to Halloween Parties

by 7 years ago

Duke Frat Email Alpha Delta Phi

Look, the bottom line is this. We might all think that the emails were simply meant to be funny and that these girls are crazy feminists who have nothing better to do than get overly-offended over what are “harmless” emails. But in this day and age, you can't think that you're going to get away with emails like this and not get you and your frat in trouble. You at least need to be more creative and smarter (and O.K., a little less offensive) than calling the girls you're inviting to your party sl*ts, telling them they should be afraid of how drunk you're going to get, and making Helen Keller jokes. I bet if the Sigma Nu email said “sexy” instead of “sl*tty” and the ADPhi one nixed the really lame Helen Keller bit, none of this controversy would have happened. (Around here, we'll think about how we're using the words “sl*ts” and “sl*tty,” too.)

End of the day, just saying that all you Classic Frat Bros out there should just be aware that this is the type of stuff that will get you into hot water these days. And besides, if you can't get hot girls to your party without insulting the hell out of them, you're probably doing something wrong in the first place.

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