Meet the Insane FAU Professor Who Thinks Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, and Navy Yard Are Conspiracies

by 4 years ago

Tracy, who holds a PHD from Iowa, first made news earlier this year when he speculated that Sandy Hook was a hoax. On his blog, Memory Hole, Tracy said that trained “crisis actors” were used by the government at Newtown, adding that, since he had not seen any bodies (of first-graders), he could not say anyone was actually killed. He later reiterated what many lunatics have been saying on the web—that the shooting was either faked or manufactured by the Obama administration to drum up support for gun control.

Then Boston happened. Tracy again took to Memory Hole to say that the bombing appeared to be a “drill,” “designed to be as lifelike as possible.” The people affected could have actually been actors, he said, and the bombs appeared to be advanced pyrotechnics. And now Tracy has turned his attention to Navy Yard, saying it “may have been perpetrated by the U.S. government working in conjunction with the media.” From the College Fix:

“Nothing seems to be adding up,” Tracy says in one of the videos on his blog post, adding terms like “crisis actors” to his analysis. He calls his “smoking gun evidence” an Associated Press article on the shootings date-stamped September 15, 2013–one day before Navy Yard shooting. He says he doesn’t buy the idea it could have been “just a glitch.”


It should be reiterated: Tracy is a man who does not believe 20 first-grade children were killed. He thinks that every horrible mass shooting in this country was orchestrated by the government to bring about moderate gun control that, at this rate, will happen in about 50 years. And he immediately pounced on the latest killings as a springboard for his own personal ravings.

Tracy isn't just questioning the media. Tracy is delusional. He no longer deserves to be protected by his university. He no longer deserves to teach kids. FAU's handbook says “an employee may be terminated for questionable conduct, professional or personal.” Fire this asshole.

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