Drug Deals, Topless Pics, and ‘Hazing Is Amazing’: Here Is the Facebook That Ruined FIU’s Pikes

By 08.21.13

FIU's Pike chapter used their Facebook account for a variety of illicit reasons, including widespread drug dealing, cheating, and posting non-consensual pics of topless hookups. The posts that pertain to drug dealing are particularly egregious—these guys ran something they called the “Pike Pharmacy,” where they dealt Adderall, pain pills, and weed brownies to both brothers and regular undergrads. A typical post on the Facebook went, “So I've sold out of 20mg addy. I have a few 10mg addy left. $5 a pop first come first serve.” Then, kind of hilariously, one of the bros commented, “I'll trade you protein.”

The talk of hazing, though, might get the Pikes in the most trouble. Florida is still reeling from a pledging-related death at FAMU. Here is a clear and obvious admission of (relatively tame) hazing.

The Miami New Times reports that the Facebook page hit FIU's returning students “like a bombshell.” “This is troubling for a number of reasons,” said one veteran member of the FIU Greek community who asked to remain anonymous. “They were apparently actively selling drugs to the Greek community and their own members. They were not even discreet about what they were doing.”



Non-consensual topless pictures!


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