How We Party: Elon University

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Quick Hit:

An A+ School for B+ Students means we work hard but party harder.


House Parties:

That's all there is. While the majority of the school goes to one of the nine fraternities house parties, varsity and club sports teams also host parties every week. Most fraternities have at least 3-4 houses and rotate parties and daydrinks between them. We start drinking heavily around 8. We head to a pregame for another couple hours where usually the host has provided a bucket or a few handles. Once we are right on that happy edge between drunk and blackout we hit the house parties by midnight. Most go on until 3 or 4 in the morning. The hosts provide the alcohol, which for any self-respecting party is at least 3 buckets and 3 kegs.




From our peripheral experiences–most notably a recent visit–we've got a pretty good sense of what goes down here. Self-respecting is definitely the word, to say this school is generous with their alcohol is kind of like saying Kobe's an above average basketball player. More to the picture. 9/10   



Monday is all you can drink liquor for $20. On Tuesdays Fat Frogg is popular for Trivia and West End is popular for karaoke. West End is where everyone goes on Thursdays around midnight after pregaming around campus. Great time, whole school goes. The bars are open until 2.



Hard to believe all you can drink liquor has remained a thing. Solid weekday options here to supplement the weekend festivities. A bar scene that knows its role. You need someone you can depend on in the 7th spot in the batting order. Good. 6/10



Greek Life:

Very prominent. There are 9 fraternities and about a third of men are greek. Greek life in general is everywhere you look and dominates the social scene. If you think you're above being greek, you're going to find yourself not able to find a party you can get into on a lot of nights. With the average fraternity being about half the size of any sorority, the odds at mixers are certainly in our favor. Each fraternity has 3 or 4 signature parties that are the highlights of the semester and usually involve quality liquor and copious amounts of party materials.



Nine Frats sounds tiny, but smaller school and that's a pretty big ratio. Scene is “important.” 7.5/10



While we are rated as the most beautiful campus, this is definitely the best reason why this school kicks ass. The girls know they are smokeshows and love to show it off whenever possible. Girls love to sun bathe in bikinis in the quads during the springtime. Otherwise they put in a lot of effort to always look good and are generally well dressed for class, which usually means a sundress. Even on rainy days they manage to look good often rocking the fan favorite yoga pants with matching rainboots, shirt and umbrella. Girls work hard to stay in shape and are always in the gym on the cardio machines or are running in workout clothes around campus. At night girls work even harder and will make sure they look bangin no matter what theme. However, it's usually not difficult due to themes like Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes and Snowpants or Nopants. At parties, girls are pretty open to going home with guys they just met and it's not to difficult to land a babe with a little effort.



This guy. Killer with the ladies. Combination of weather, girls that are smart but aren't obnoxious about it, AND are down to party (think a lot of girl next door types), gives Elon that winning edge. Favorable ratios never hurt either. 10/10


Sports Related Raging

While we aren't exactly known for sports, we recognize that it's a perfectly acceptable excuse to get hammered. At kickoff, there are often more people in the parking lot drinking still then there are in the stands. Most students leave at half time to continue drinking off campus without being under the watchful eye of the university officials.



We respect this man's ratings. Most people would say the same thing and give at least a 5. We're most people. 5/10  


Big Events/Traditions

Syllabus week- like most schools, we don't feel the need to be spoonfed a syllabus and chapter one the first week of class. So everyone goes out either to house parties or pregame and then the bars. We make it to class but often you can tell when a student leaves class to go boot and hopefully rally. One of the first weekends of school, there is a free concert in one of the main quads. Actshave included Sammy Adams and Aer. The students walk back and forth between the concert and teh nearby dorms to maintain their buzz. Homecoming is another obvious big weekend. Alumni love coming back and throwing money at their fraternity to show what a big shot they have become and that they can still party like they graduated the year before, often brining and subsequently doing a lot of drugs to back up this claim. Reading Day Eve is a big night for students. This Tuesday night is the last night before the reality of exams starts, so we take full advantage. Most fraternities go all out in order to end the semester with a bang. For spring bid day, fraternities daydrink all morning and go around campus and mob the men they have extended a bid to. All the girls sit outside around campus pretending all they have in their tumblers is water. To discourage these practices, the university moved this to the day before classes start, which has only lead to a bigger celebration of syllabus week. Festivus is the event of the year by far. This is a tradition that involves 15-20 kegs, a whole lot of mud and a 500+ drunk students. Students get up at 7 or earlier on the morning and drink heavily for a few hours, stumble over to the location and mud wrestle for a few hours. To fully appreciate the insanity watch the video from last year– SURF day- another spring time classic. SURF or student undergrad research forum is a Tuesday set aside for students to present research. For everyone else this means another insane daydrink. Usually 2 or 3 fraternities combine forces and have 7 or 8 kegs for the afternoon. Graduation week is always at least a week after exams end. The whole week is a never ending string of daydrinks and parties with parents often picking up the tab.



We went to Festivus this year. It resulted in one of the better articles ever written for our site. You win. 10/10



Top rated beautiful campus. 65-35 female:male.



You didn't give yourself enough credit in the rankings. Remember, grades are all about inflation. 10/10. 


Elon 'How We Party' Score




*Attained by averaging the two, with the student ranking weighted double the BB ranking.


Overall How We Party Standings, Week 7:

1. Penn State University: 8.2

T-2. University of Arizona: 7.8

T-2. University of Michigan: 7.8

4. University of Central Florida: 7.5

5. ELON 7.3

6.Duke University: 6.4

7. Georgetown University: 6.3


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