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By 04.18.13

Enough of that. This week, we're proud to present Penn State University as the second How We Party School. For a refresher on the format and rankings process, please visit the inaugural post. Or just skip all that because…we are: 


Quick Hit

Crazy all year round, but football weekends are the creme de la creme.


House Parties

For anyone underage, this is definitely the spot to be. PSU is a school of around 45,000 kids, and only the freshman really live on campus. This means a ton of House/Apartment parties. In exception to a few weekends per year when kids go raise money for THON (Pediatric Cancer Charity) in other towns, its a full on rage from Thursday to Sunday. Generally these parties are very fun, and rarely does the Police break them up. As long as nobody is destroying property and people are being somewhat civil, the party can continue until dawn (and heck even after dawn).

Overall: 8/10  *This would become a 10 on gameday weekends


BroBible Input: Boy have we heard. We'll chime in with a 9/10, for the extra gameday push. 



Once you hit 21, this is definitely the preferred destination of raging, although House/Apartment parties are still regularly hosted and attended by the upperclassmen. The bar choices are galore, and they almost all are located on the two main streets. Drinks are moderate prices, but obviously it is best to go on days with specials. The club scene is a little less prominent, but there is still enough for those that need to satisfy their desire to dance. Indigo is a pretty well known and cool club/bar, as evidence by. All in all, the bar scene is very good. On football weekends they can be a little packed due to the influx of alumni, but at the same time that usually means more raging and more fun.

Overall: 8/10  For a town that is not a “city”, the bar scene is very good. Club wise its not bad but it does not compete with major cities.


BroBible Input: One of the better college town “bar scenes” in terms of variety–though State College would be considered by many a small city. Well also give it in 8/10 the hugeness of everything else can sometimes be overshadowing. 


Fraternity Life

Plenty of options, there are over 50 fraternities and many sororities as well. About 15% of students are Greek at PSU. The fraternity options are very plentiful. With over 50 fraternities, you can fairly easily find what you like. There are plenty of sororities, but due to some policies, there are no sorority houses at PSU. The party scene is pretty big with Greek Life, although it does tend to be a bit more freshmen, especially during the fall semester. For girls they are welcome 24/7, although for guys it can be a bit tougher to get in. If you are not amongst of a pack of attractive women you probably will need a friend to get you in. Once in its just one slop fest. Usually natty and or jungle juice. Generally, these are more popular amongst the freshmen crowd and the Greeks themselves. At PSU, once you are of age generally people hit the bar/club scene One nice thing is that unlike some large schools you can not be Greek and still have a fun time and still have good social life. Unlike some schools, Penn State does not really have this sharp Greek vs Non-Greek divide. Kids intermix and rage with one another all the time. The major benefit is partying if you are underage is much easier if you are a part of Greek Life.

Overall: 7/10


BroBible Input: A huge scene no doubt, but it's been made clear to us time and time again you don't need to be involved in Greek Life by any means. We actually think that may make the whole thing a bit better (those who do go Greek then value it more/are arguably more “into it”), so well up it to 8/10. 



For a northern school, the girls are great. Girls outnumber the guys here and in a school of 45,00, the options are endless. There is a pretty big variety in such a large school like Penn State. The attractiveness is a normal ratio. The sheer numbers of girls means there are plenty of hot women. Its college so girls tend to workout a little bit and generally try to look good. The negative is that Pennsylvania is cold for several months, so that means a lot of Uggs & Northface jackets. Fashion wise PSU is not the best. Girls is sundresses, bikinis, etc like down south have them beat, but for a northern school PSU is right at the top. One positive is in general PSU Girls are a lot of fun. They all are usually ready to rage and are cool people. Occasionally you meet a stuck up b*tch, but for the most part they are really cool to hang out with.

Overall: 7/10


Bobble Input: Large schools are generally a HUGE advantage in this category, though it does work both ways–huge supply of girls, but huge supply of you as well. Meaning that you have to be more impressive rather than less. Though depending on what you're looking for this could be glorious. Weather's a bit of a bummer, but the school's big-time emphasis on general partying doesn't at all hurt this category. 7.5/10. 


Sports Related Raging

This is what separates PSU from a lot of “party schools”. Football is huge here. Currently, Beaver Stadium is the 2nd biggest stadium in the USA and 4th biggest in the world (106,00+). The atmosphere is outstanding. Not too long ago Kirk Herbstreit had the PSU Student Section as the best in the nation. Various other publications usually have the PSU Student Section and Gameday Atmosphere highly ranked. Youtube the phrase “PSU Whiteout” and you will see what I mean. The tailgating is great. There are miles upon miles of tailgating spots. Everyone partakes in the festivities, from alumni, little kids, grandparents, freshmen, and Greeks, its one big party. The enthusiasm for other sports is also big, although none touch football. The Wrestling team has won 3 straight national titles and usually has sold out crowds, and women's volleyball also gets a good crowd. The only real knock on sports raging at PSU is the Mens Basketball. Only maybe one or two games per year is there a descent sized crowd. The diehard kids get intense, but the overall atmosphere is pretty quiet. Football I think makes up for it however.

Overall: 10/10


BroBible Input: Nothing to add, you got it. 10/10. 


Big Events/Traditions

Lots of traditions. PSU Football is a big one, obviously. Like there schools, Halloween is pretty big as well. One big tradition is THON. Its a charity, but it is very special and a great thing. Of course, after THON is the infamous State Patty's Day. AT it's height this was beyond crazy. Outsiders would literally fly in for this event. Just about all downtown stores would sell State Patty's Day merchandise even. There also is the Mifflin Streak and several other traditions. At a big school like Penn State, there is never a shortage of big events.

Overall: 5/10


BroBible Input: THON hasn't moved off my Facebook feed for years, and I have heard many a Halloween story from my PSU Bros. Of course they talk about it in the same way that the kid in my frat would exaggerate how sick our chapter's parties were, but they seem to enjoy not shutting up about it. And the outcry of State Patties day stuff this year? Well…people care. 8/10. 



If you like the big school atmosphere, Penn State has it all. Its a top notch party school but it also is one of the top ranked state universities in the country. Worldwide PSU was ranked in the Top 50. There are options everywhere. From where you'd like to party or hang out,the types of girls you can meet, or your Greek life options. Penn State has something for everyone, both socially and academically. It's overall just a great place to be.

Overall: 9/10

BroBible Input: The only thing holding PSU back from the perfect score here is the weather. Otherwise, a party goer's dream. 9/10.



The Scores:

*Attained by averaging all the categories together 


BroBible Editorial Ranking: 8.5/10



*Attained by averaging the two, with the student ranking weighted double the BB ranking. 



1. Penn State University: 8.2 

2. Georgetown University: 6.3



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