How We Party: University of Arizona

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Quick Hit:

The UofA is the land of pool parties and hot babes. When you can comfortably day drink in a frat tank in November, you know it's a party school.


House Parties:

Pretty good scene; the UofA is surrounded by multiple student-dominated neighborhoods and house parties are everywhere. Even more prominent than the house parties are apartment parties; going to one of the student complexes and party hopping. All of the major complexes also hold pool parties each semester, and these get absolutely huge.



When your basic comparison is Arizona State, you're gonna tend to underrate things. This is going to be a theme. Walk out of the state of Arizona, and everything is…well, you guys are good at yelling CATZ and having a good time or three. 8/10



Relatively small but strong bar scene (admittedly bars are not as solid as ASU). The major bar district in Tucson (4th Ave) is relatively far from campus (10 minute drive); there are only a few bars near campus, but there are a lot of student favorites and classic bars that have been around for years (such as Dirtbag's). The bars right near campus are pretty strict on fake IDs, but those farther away are a bit more lax.



Dirtbags is one of those few bars in the national college bar lexicon, but given that there's a lot going on otherwise, it's tough to also have an A+ bar scene. That said, virtually year-round bar drinking with outdoor availibilities is a huge strength. 8/10. 


Greek Life:

Strong and with a considerable West Coast-vibe. Much stronger than at neighboring ASU (ASU seized all houses via eminent domain several years ago and completely razed Greek Row, then forced the frats and sororities into dorm-style living). There is a Greek Row on campus (though not all chapters have houses directly on the row, some are just off-campus) with some great houses (especially the sorority houses). The frats are the be-all end-all for ridiculous ragers; Thursday night parties and Saturday daygers (Fraterdays) as well as large official parties are the norm, and all these parties are flooded with primarily freshmen girls. Parties, both night parties and day parties / tailgates are miles better than you can find at GDI house parties.



You're very right when you say it's a different kind of Greek–stereotypical Greek Life, to the bias of people like us, either gets an East Coast or Southern twinge. Our west coast experiences have deemed this kind of frat-life a different style–it'd be like comparing the comedic stylings of Anthony Jeselnik and Jim Gaffigan. Rooted in the same shit, but tough to compare. We def like the committment to tanks and breakfast burritos. 8/10. 


Unbe-fucking-lievably hot. They are also still slutty while being quite a bit less skanky and STD-infested than ASU's girls. It's not just smokeshow sorostitutes, blazing-hot GDI girls are everywhere too. Pool parties are a sensory overload of dimes in bikinis.



Yea. You win. 10/10. 


Sports Related Raging

Students at the UofA don't take sports quite as seriously as at schools in the South or Midwest; that said, they definitely have pride in their school. Massive off-campus tailgates before football games are everywhere. I've skipped so many football games because I just want to keep drinking my face off at the tailgate.



Admittedly not as great teams as many a large state school. Basketball always has the potential to be great, a slight lull as of late, but an excuse for a Pac-12 roadtrip to LA never hurt anyone. 7/10. 


Big Events/Traditions

Homecoming and Spring Fling weeks are HUGE, with the former naturally ending in the big game with those tailgates I mentioned already. Many people drink all week; frats and sororities pair up with each other and have crazy themed parties every night of the week. The big official pool parties at the apartment complexes every semester are also a highlight. Several of the frats have their infamous massive official ragers, with some of the most prominent being SAE Jungle Party, FIJI Islander, and AEPi Foam Party.



Tales of that foam party have made it all the way to the east coast for years now. You're one of the only schools that could actually pull off a pool party. Not as cool as 10 years ago on account of phone ruining prob, but a pool party's a pool party. 8/10  


The big one here is the weather. While schools like Indiana and Michigan do rage their fucking faces off, there's just something about having pool parties when those schools are still walking to class in ski jackets. Also, the school is pretty damn close to Mexico which makes it pretty convenient for Spring Break.



Good call on Spring Break. 9/10






*Attained by averaging the two, with the student ranking weighted double the BB ranking.


Overall How We Party Standings, Week 6:

1. Penn State University: 8.2

T-2. University of Arizona: 7.8

T-2. University of Michigan: 7.8

4. University of Central Florida: 7.5

5.Duke: 6.4

6. Georgetown University: 6.3


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