How We Party: University of Dayton

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Quick Hit

Hands down most underrated party school there is. for the exact same reason st. patricks day is #1 in the county UD is #1 party school in the nation.


House Parties 

Guests lists are not a thing and are entirely open to anyone freshmen, senior, GDI, or frat bro. and in the two neighborhoods called the ghetto and the dark side which consist entirely of students because the houses there are owned by the university so they are populated 100% by UD students. If you dont make it to at least 3 different parties in one night some wrong happened that night, because party hopping the thing here. It is not uncommon to be finding parties still raging to 4am


When it's all said and done, we know these are the best parties. Caring too much will inevitably make people care about who's there and who isn't. Focus on the party and this will naturally work itself out. The people down to rage will always come out on top. Great community, variety  10/10



There is only a medium amount of bars here but for the size of the school it is not an issue because whether its trivia night at the field house or local musical talent playing at Flanagan's or crazy dancing at Tims there is something for everyone's taste at the bar scene.


Bars are to be the mashed potatoes to the House Party steak. Key is to know your role and play within that, and nice, yet concentrated variety never hurt anyone. 7/10.  


Greek Life

Insane but it is hard to notice unless you are in one because the frats are so chill their parties are almost always completely open. More than half the time you go to a frat party you wouldnt even know it is one unless you ask someone. Also since sophomores are not allowed to live in the frat houses, alcohol is 100% allowed in the houses.


Nice not having to deal with the threat of under wraps alcohol is always a plus. UD's frats are a nice, self-contained system, which in a sense is the purpose of frats; you join for that containment and exclusivity. 7/10



Hot and relativity easy. 


Gonna need more than that. Can't just blanket like that, particularly given the rise of Bro Feminism. Gotta respect the babes. Though aesthetics and liberal sexual attitudes are of course something we aren't NOT gonna support. 8/10  



Not a real big school for sports, but UD makes up for that in other categories


Do you even sports, UD? Fun fact, legendary football coach Chuck Noll played for the Flyers. 5/10


Big Events/Traditions

St. Patricks day of course which if you guys didnt get the memo the riot was the start of Sunday not the end of Saturday. But the biggest UD tradition is Dayton to Daytonam which is a school sponsored end of the year trip to Daytona beach Florida which is the most insane 5 day long party ever where the 3 hotels are booked out to just UD students and at the main hotels pool during the day there is free beer plus live music it is so crazy that up in coming music artist Lrewella filmed a music video there take a look at it and start your research cause Dayton to Daytona is a college party like none other in existence 


The Krewella video has been planted earlier in the post for your viewing pleasure. Readers of the site will know UD has far and away, the wildest, and this year, most newsworthy St. Patricks Celebration in all the land. This year some sparks flew – and the Dayton Police Chief claimed this very website responsible for the riots – but hopefully all will return back to normal for 2014. 9.5/10



The campus police doesnt care about anything here I have seen a cop stop at a day rager to throw Frisbee with some obviously underage drinkers and one time when the police broke up a party I was at right infront of the officer I filled my cup up with jungle juice before I left and the officer just laughed.


This guy. For a school not usually mentioned in the same breath as the party school heavy weights, they've definitely got some serious cred.Think they have some fun here. 7/10




Overall How We Party Standings, Week 12:

1. University of South Carolina: 8.4

2. University of Southern California: 8.3

3. Penn State University: 8.2

4. University of Illinois: 7.9

5. Miami of Ohio 7.85

T-6. University of Arizona: 7.8

T-6. University of Michigan: 7.8

7. University of Dayton: 7.65

8. UC Santa Barbara: 7.6

9. University of Central Florida: 7.5

10. ELON 7.3

11. Duke University: 6.4

12.  Georgetown University: 6.3


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