How We Party: University of Southern California

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Quick Hit:

No better quality party scene exists in the country. Period.


House Parties:

Forming the backbone of the party scene, house parties are the predominant force at Southern Cal. You can bank on Thursdays being the wildest night of the week, with anywhere from 5-10 houses throwing down, the types of parties varying from the biggest (registers) to your typical themed sorority mixer leading into what can only end as yet another great night.


Multiple members of former and present BroBible Staff have raged at USC, and we've all been enthralled. Perhaps the most underrated, something that could you could only really get away with in a place like USC and the surrounding areas, is the gamechanger that is the outdoor couch. Firepits aren't uncommon either. You can party inside outdoors, the Los Angeles nights are Los Angeles nights, and the caliber of party student is quite outstanding.

Overall: 9/10 



Unfortunately this is where we fall short in terms of quantity. The 90 is the only real bar on campus and views are mixed on it, but regardless of what you may think 9 times out of 10 you'll find yourself there at the end of the night paying way too much for drinks for you and that blonde co-ed you caught eyes with. What we lack in bars, however, we make up for in clubs. An integral part of greek life is the exchange (fraternity partners with a sorority, pregame together, and board a bus to an undisclosed location in the greater L.A. area, usually a top club in either Hollywood, downtown, or Santa Monica). No one is doing shit like that, and those are the nights that live in infamy


You could make the argument for what the campus lacks in bar options it more than makes up by being in the City of Los Angeles. Downtown LA and Hollywood clubs aren't terribly far, and an ambitious night may take you over to the west side over in Venice, Santa Monica, or even Westwood. This is probably a much better postgrad scene than collegiate, but if you dig LA life this is definitely a solid “scene.”

Overall: 5.5/10


Greek Life:

The lifeblood of the school, frat life is what fuels the parties here. With barely enough room for gdi girls, if you aren't greek then gtfo. This exclusivity is what makes the scene so fantastic, with only 1/3 of the school partaking in Greek; but don't let that number fool you because it certainly doesn't take into account the number who wish they were apart of the magic on 28th street.


Good summation. If this is for you, this is really for you. If it's not, it's not. The beauty about this school is that given the number of other scenes (i.e, the music dudes live in their own orbit), you're not donezo if you're NF. Though this is BroBible and obviously we're going to support quality Greek Life done right. 

In other news, the sororities are far, far from the worst.

Overall: 9.5/10



The hottest. I really shouldn't need to say more, this is a moot point. Show me a hot girl at University of X and I'll show you a mediocre girl at USC. It's just that incomparable.


Charles Xavier's school did have Jean Gray and Halle Berry, but alright. You've got a point. 

Overall: 10/10


Sports-Related Raging:

Tailgating come fall is one of the most awe-inspiring, invigorating, and memorable experiences we get to take part in at USC. The campus starts to get mobbed with trailers almost a week before gameday, and the anticipation only builds until you wake up at an ungodly hour on a Saturday, proceeding to get belligerently drunk in the quad surrounded by a sea of cardinal and gold. Win or lose the tailgates are by far the highlight of the fall and few places I would venture come close to the magnitude and overall experience of tail-gating on an autumn afternoon with the sun kissing your face as a light breeze makes the mid 70 degree day near perfect.


Football may have been damn beatable this year, but the surrounding aura is damn unbeatable. There's a reason why everyone hates SC football, and the students being (in their minds) “awesome” is a big reason why. Basketball generally isn't awful either.  

Overall: 9/10



Big Events/Traditions:

Tailgating in and of itself is a tradition, fountain run is a favorite amongst pledges and swugs alike, the weekender is unreal (the weekend when we play either Cal or Stanford and the entire campus galavants to the Bay area for a weekend of tom foolery in one of the coolest cities in the western hemisphere), Vegas formal for frats, Catalina island booze cruises, Cabo spring breaks, frat and sorority invites and exchanges…I could go on forever


All other campus traditions are generally University-based. What's nice about these are that while they still maintain that same zeal, you also get to crush mad places off everyone's bucket list. Traveling will never be underrated. 

Overall: 8/10



Being at USC is really like joining a family away from home, albeit a family that is comprised of the most attractive alcoholics imaginable, dashed with a flair for partying, the finer things, and a sense of camaraderie paralleled by none. The fact that it's constantly 70 degrees and sunny helps too, putting everyone here in the best of moods and making the overall vibe of the campus one of excitement, anticipation, and a nostalgic sense that life is purely wonderful.


Our main dude got it down. Not the bring the mood to a “real” level though, but the surrounding area is not exactly the most accomadating to staying harm-free. A few steps off campus in the wrong direction, and you're in some shady territory to say the least. Avoid getting shot, but definitely pour some–the Trojans will always be down to partake

Overall: 7/10




Overall How We Party Standings, Week 9:

1. University of Southern California: 8.3

2. Penn State University: 8.2

3. Univeristy of Illinois: 7.9

T-4. University of Arizona: 7.8

T-4. University of Michigan: 7.8

6. University of Central Florida: 7.5

7. ELON 7.3

8. Duke University: 6.4

9.  Georgetown University: 6.3


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