Kings College Bro Gets Knocked Out By Random Falling Mattress, Laughs It Off

By 09.19.12

This afternoon a freshman at Kings College was walking to the Broad Street J/Z station when a futon mattress fell from the sky and knocked him unconscious. Two witnesses say the mattress toppled off the top of a building some 30 stories up. Considering how heavy those futon mattresses can be, this guy's lucky he didn't break his neck—and he knows it. Jesse Scott Owen, the victim, is out of the hospital and tells us he's grateful to be alive.

Owen, who just moved to NYC from Florida three weeks ago, says he was on his way to catch the subway to school when near-death came from above. “I was walking on the left side of the street—which I never do—and as I'm walking I get hit on the head with something. I was knocked out, I don't know for how long. I was awoken by people were putting me up on the mattress, including one man who I think worked for the Stock Exchange.”

According to Owen, this man was his Guardian Angel. “I was wondering why I was on the mattress and they explained it had fallen on me and knocked me out! I thought that was kind of hysterical. But everyone's telling me not to move, and this one man in particular kept his arm on me and would not take it off, as you can see in the picture. He took my wallet and phone and called my mother and gave my information to the police.”

All in all, Owen seems to have taken the experience in stride. As he proudly states, he's now officially a man:

“From his point of view, it was almost a rite of passage. “When I first Googled it to see if anyone had written about this I tried searching 'boy hit by mattress wall street' and that didn't work,” Owen recalls. “So I tried 'man hit by mattress' and your story came up. I was psyched. 'That's right, I'm a man now! They said it was a man knocked out on the sidewalk.' “

Now, we just gotta figure out who the hell flying mattress culprit actually was. Amanda Bynes seems to be the early favorite. 

[H/T: Gothamist


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