School Loses AP Tests, Conspiracy Theories Abound

by 5 years ago

On the list of things that rising high school seniors finishing up their summer breaks have to worry about retaking tests they'd previously spent a year preparing for isn't one of them. But that possibility is exactly what 18 Long Island teens are dealing with after the Educational Testing Service lost their AP US History essays this summer. Whoops!

“I'm quite mad,” one of the seniors, 17-year-old David Livoti told Newsday. “I worked a full year, and for them to lose half a test is a big thing.” Though the loss isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not only has ETS has apologized profusely for the incident but they've also offered what could be quite a good deal to the affected students

I think all of us have had this inkling while taking one of these tests–if it just got lost, or cancelled, then that would be the dopest thing to ever happen. For these kids, despite the hard work and effort they likely put into this so that they could get a good score so they could go to college so they could not have a job after college, it actually turns out to be a pretty good deal. The students are either entitled to a refund ($87 is quite a few 30 racks), or can get a score projection based on their multiple choice results. It appears that the latter tips the balance into the students favor, as the average projected score for the 18 students appears to be a solid “4”– one full mark higher than the school's 3.0 average the previous year. 

Fishy. Let's get some vintage Chris Evans/Bryan Greenberg action up in here. 

[H/T: Gothamist]

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