SGA Sorority at Bama Offers Free Booze and Limo Rides in Exchange for Votes in a Board of Ed Race

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According to

An email, sent to sorority members residing in District 4 from a ranking member of the chapter's executive board, encourages members to vote for Cason Kirby and Lee Garrison in exchange for incentives including free drinks at two local bars and limousine transportation to the polls.

The email goes on to list five “incentives,” including that both the sorority and individuals who vote would receive points to go toward UA's Panhellenic and the sorority's in-house point systems, which reward participation within the system.

In addition, the author states “they rented out Innisfree and Moe's” — two downtown Tuscaloosa bars — and wristbands good for one free drink at each venue and free cover would be made available to members who showed an “I Voted” sticker to the sorority representative.

Henry Kissinger has nothing on these chicks, especially when you consider a good 100% of the people voting give a good 0% of a shit about who serves on the District 4 Board of Education. It’s like Gangs of New York, except instead of dragging the deadbeat Irish out of the bars in the Five Points it’s sorority girls offering free booze and limo rides to anyone lucky enough to be registered in the district. “I Voted Today” stickers are great for inflating your ego and letting people know you lived up to your civic duty. They’re even better when you can roll up to a campus bar in style and cash them in for a shot of whatever’s free. Good luck getting me to vote “on principle” now that this is on the table.

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