Hey Guys, Can You Stop Giving Your Classmates Weed Brownies?

by 5 years ago

It was reefer madness at a Maine high school as nine students were suspended for bringing marijuana-laced cookies to a school event on ethics and values – and sickening some classmates.

Police are investigating after the incident, which occurred on Friday.

Cape Elizabeth schools superintendent Meredith Nadeau said it's unclear whether the students who ate the cookies knew they contained marijuana.

Some of them felt ill and went to the nurse's office.

The Portland Press Herald reported that the episode unfolded on Friday during a daylong event featuring speakers addressing the school district's guiding values of 'Community, Academics, Passion and Ethics (CAPE).'



Okay, so I'll give you this: Doping your classmates during an ethics seminar is ironically funny and would make for a helluva episode of, say, “Workaholics.” But this isn't a TV show, and there are really stern consequences for doing something as dumb as drugging people without their consent. Like jail time, and giving pause to lawmakers who might be considering legalization. Yes, when you dope kids with potent edibles, you're essentially writing a scene from “Reefer Madness” in the imaginations of these governors who might be on the fence.

So if you do want marijuana to be legalized (and I personally would mainly like to see it happen just to not hear complaints from stoners anymore), don't dope people. You're not Timothy Leary.

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