Study: Binge-Drinking Students Happier Than Non-Binge-Drinking Students

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You’d think it might be the other way around, that kids who aren’t happy would be drawn to binge drinking. But co-author Carolyn Hsu, an associate professor of sociology at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., found that binge drinking is associated with status on campuses and that binge-drinking students tend to be happier with their social lives than others.

The yet-to-be-released study took a look at the drinking habits of 1,600 students.

Among those students, 64 percent reported binge drinking and 36 percent said they weren’t binge drinkers. Binge drinking was defined as consuming more than four drinks on one occasion for women, and more than five for men, at least once during a two-week period.

They found that students who were in high-status groups — wealthy, white, male, participating in Greek life — were more satisfied socially than those in low-status groups.

The study further found that high-status students were far more likely than low-status students to be binge drinkers. It also found that low-status students could boost their social satisfaction so it was about the same as that of high-status students by binge drinking. Conversely, high-status students who didn’t binge drink had lower levels of social satisfaction than did high-status binge drinkers.

So, in summation, keep guzzling the booze down. That right there is the salient point of all this.

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