University of Texas Fraternity Accused of Hazing Pledges with Push-Ups and Sex Shows

By 09.28.11

After boozing during the day on Saturday, two of the most vile str*pper $30 could buy showed up with a radio and a bag of frozen fish that one of  planned on bringing to her father in tow. They were Key Largo's worst, but these sl*ts shook there asses to Def Leppard's “Poor Some Sugar on Me” (on repeat) while guys tried mightily to stuff rolled up singles into their p*ssy holes. But the fun didn't stop there. These tramps f*cking went next-level and gave a few of the guys at the retreat blow jobs. One hoe even f*cked a pledge.  Pretty sure he's dead now.

My point is, none of that, to us, was considered hazing. Fond f*cking memories is more like it. And push-ups being considered hazing is a f*cking joke too. They were nothing compared to half the shit we had to do, including army crawls on f*cking gravel — we were also blessed with an ex-marine who's dick was equally as hard for doing military drills in settings that would make us bleed.

According to NBC

A suspended University of Texas fraternity hazed recruits and hired performers for live sex shows, according to a lawsuit filed by the fraternity's national organization that seeks to recover more than $200,000 in money and property from its former local chapter.

The Texas Kappa Alpha fraternity was suspended for two years by the national organization in June, but has continued to represent itself as being affiliated with the national Kappa Alpha Order, according to the lawsuit filed Sept. 21.

A spokesman for the suspended chapter on Tuesday denied the hazing accusation, but acknowledged the fraternity hosted a female adult entertainer and her partner on at least one occasion.

Robby Alden, an Austin attorney who is on the board of directors for Texas Omicron, denied the hazing allegations and that Texas Omicron is posing as a Kappa Alpha-affiliated group.

The national group never presented the local chapter with evidence of pushing and shoving, Alden said. The forced calisthenics was a threat to make pledges do push-ups, but it wasn't carried out, Alden said.

“Is that hazing? As far as I'm concerned, it was a non-issue. Compared to the hazing at a lot of other fraternities, it was nothing,” Alden said.

Alden said alumni of the local chapter confronted the current members about the sex show and they apologized and promised it wouldn't happen again.

The local chapter will resist attempts to seize its assets, Alden said.

“We sent them their charter back. They come back and say they want everything, even utensils, nothing of which they paid for,” Alden said.

Kappa Alpha has had a Texas chapter for 128 years and has more than 2,300 alumni, according to the national organization.

Clearly Kappa Alpha shouldn't be kicked-off campus for this shit. They've been around for 128 years, it's unjust to bring them down for exercise and sex shows. These exact practices go on at almost every fraternity across the country. If this is considered hazing, then what the f*ck would you call cattle branding a human being? Voluntary mutilation?

When pledges sign-up, they do so with an understanding that sometimes shit gets weird or dangerous. But what Kappa Alpha did, didn't cross the line. Hell, seeing a couple broads dyking it out is more perk than punishment if you ask me. 

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