This UCSB Party Video Is The Most Aggressively Turnt Up Shit I’ve Watched As A 30-Year-Old Living In My Mom’s Basement

By 09.23.16

Remember I’m Shmacked? I do! Loved those party videos. Made me relive the days of my youth while ball-and-chained to a desk staring at a computer screen all day. One of the dudes left it to create College Weekly –which is actually even more badass. But there was an era here at BroBible where you couldn’t come to the site without seeing four or five party videos of students having the best time of their lives on college campuses.

I’m an old man now. I eat Pop-Tarts and drink Cranberry juice in my underwear while doing adult things like researching 401ks and mutual funds. But videos like this one shot at UCSB made me long for that era of BroBible. So I thought you might enjoy just that.

Hey Gauchos: Isla Vista is fucking paradise. I don’t know why you’d ever leave it.

*I don’t actually live in my mother’s basement. Yet.


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