The 5 People That Trash-Talk On Anonymous Online College Discussion Boards

By 11.15.13

1. Members of Bottom Tier Fraternities

I don’t know if it’s the fact that they never take good pledge classes, get turned down by top sororities weekend after weekend, or that they’re just flat out miserable human beings, but bottom tiers love to post shit on these websites. I guess I can understand. Shit, if I never had any solid party plans for Thursday through Saturday night I’d probably resort to talking shit behind my computer screen too.  Couldn’t find a sorority to do homecoming with? What better way to solve the problem than by voting a fraternity “Bottom Tier” on GreekRank. That’ll show ‘em.

2. Pledges and JIs

Truth be told, there isn’t much of a difference between a pledge and a brother that just initiated. Both are over-eager, dumb, and tend to try too hard. If they see their house getting shat on in one of those forums, you can bet they’re gonna respond in world record setting time to “defend their fraternities honor.” Little do they know, they’re doing more harm than good. Do a little less, guys.

3. The “Effeminate Fraternity”

Effeminate… That’s the politically correct term, right? Every campus has one. The Beta Theta Pi turned Beta Date-a Guy of every university. These are the extremely well dressed, kill-you-with-kindness, metro-sexual group of guys that girls go to when they don’t feel like being hit on. Other houses may refer to them as the “ugliest sorority on campus.” This group of guys is essentially like a group of girls, in the sense that if they see their fraternity being degraded, they’ll jump the gun to discard any rumors about them, and then spread rumors about other houses. Real mature ladies, I mean fellas.

4. Girls

Girls are almost the same online (if not worse) as they are in person. Some fraternity kicked their ugly friend out of a party? That house is getting a bad rep on CollegiateACB for sure. Some guy left a girl’s bed before morning, and didn’t text her later? After the rumor that girl spreads he won’t be laying pipe again anytime soon. They’re a ruthless bunch, those girls.

5. GDIs.

Fucking GDIs, man. Whether it was because they wore cargo shorts too many times during rush, or their inner non-conformist Barack Obama loving hipster consciences wouldn’t allow them to do it, these kids didn’t get a bid. What better way to get back at the people who turned them down than to anonymously trash them from the safety of their PCs (The MacBook was too mainstream for them). It’s okay, though. They’ll be working for you some day.

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