Trey Parker and Matt Stone Guest Lecture A NYU Freshman Writing Class

by 6 years ago

Though few things in life give me more pleasure than hitting the Snooze button, I pity the fool who skipped class that day and missed two legends spitting truth and dropping knowledge. On the same token, I envey the kid(s) in that room who waked and baked before class and inappropriately laughed the whole time at the absurdity of it all. Is there any doubting that at least one guy in that room was stoned and couldn't stop laughing? College! Hopefully he satiated his munchies afterwards by swinging by NYU's notoriously exclusive Chick-fil-A (only one in NYC; lucky bastards).

Anyway, you want to learn how to write for TV, clearly these are the two best guys in the game to learn from. Best of all, the whole session was filmed for an episode of mtvU's “Stand-In.” It's not online yet, but here's a little clip.

Also, at the 1:25 mark, notice the girl wearing the pink “Vagina” shirt diligently taking notes. Just wanted to point that out. Way to live up to the stereotype, NYU.

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