Here’s the U.S. News and World Report’s Annual List of the Top 100 Colleges

By 09.10.13

Anyway, there were few surprises this year. Princeton takes the top spot, while Harvard falls to No. 2. Yale is third, Columbia is fourth, and most of the top 10 has hovered around their respective spots for over a decade. This occurs, because top-10 schools tend to have a lot of $$$$. You're not going to see UPenn all of a sudden lose everything, drop to 185, and start admitting crack addicts like a collegiate Detroit.

10. Dartmouth
7. MIT
7. Duke
7. UPenn
6. University of Chicago
5. Stanford
4. Columbia
3. Yale
2. Harvard
1. Princeton

Here's a completely random assortment of bigger/notable schools you might be curious about:

16. Cornell
17. Vanderbilt
18. Notre Dame
23. UVA
23. University of Southern California
23. UCLA
28. Michigan
30. UNC
37. Penn State
41. University of Illinois
47. Miami
52. Ohio State
52. University of Texas
62. Syracuse
62. Maryland
69. Virginia Tech
73. Michigan State
201. UNC-Charlotte (the Mr. Irrelevant of the rankings this year)

And meanwhile, Amherst Williams was named the top liberal arts school. 

In case you're so, so bored, here's what changed this year about the rankings, via the Huffington Post: “Morse said the publication expanded the use of the graduation rate performance, “reduced the weight assigned to the high school class standing of newly enrolled students and gave slightly more weight to SAT and ACT scores.” They also made changes to the weight of the peer assessment score and increased the weight of retention rates.” Now go watch a cat playing dubstep. Please.

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