Welcome Week Hook Up Heroes: The Live Look-in Edition

by 5 years ago

Think you’ve got a better Welcome Week memory? Send it our way, and we’ll see if it’s prize-worthy.  We will be publishing the cream of the crop over the next couple weeks to get you even more amped up for another school year.

After the painful process of transferring schools, I found myself a sophomore at transfer orientation. I was pretty pumped to be going to an elite SEC academic school, also knowing that 90 percent of the girls
would be blonde, blue-eyed, and drive either a Range Rover or G Wagon that daddy bought hem for their Sweet Sixteen. Arriving on campus, I immediately started scouting the talent and my high expectations were easily met.

While walking around campus, I noticed one girl that stood out to me — the type that if I ever ran into in the right situation, I would make sure to be on my A-Game. Just my luck (I must have been living right or something), on the second night of orientation I met with a few people on my hall and went down to the dorms to a small gathering of sorts. This chick was sitting right inside and long story short, I ended up taking her downtown to a local bar and later back to her room.

This chick was not a virgin of any sort if you catch my drift. After raw-dogging her a few different times and leaving no single drop of my manlyhood  anywhere but in her mouth, I was getting dressed and ready to leave
when she said, “I need to tell you something.”

“OH SH*T, SH*T, SH*T, F*CK, F*CK, F*CK!!!” starting gong through my head. What did she have, herpes or something?

No. She proceeded to tell me that she had her own p*rn site.

“Hell yeah!” I though,t grabbing her Macbook ready to check it out. Unfortunately she refused to tell me the site or her name, but I was confident that with enough research I would be able to find it. No. No, I wasn't able to find it, but after joining a fraternity and having three different pledge classes searching for it (the only pledge task I asked of them) one of my pledges found that damn site.

Instantly becoming a legend among my chapter who initially told my I was a liar, it spread like wildfire and it wasn't long before it got back to this girl — who promptly had it taken down. Let me say that she wasn't too happy with me, but after about a semester of things blowing over I was able to get in her pants again like any old bro would, although I probably shouldn't be too surprised about that considering who she was.

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