Welcome Week Hook Up Heroes: A Bro Claims Pitcher’s Mound for ‘Pound Town’

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Think you’ve got a better Welcome Week memory? Send it our way, and we’ll see if it’s prize-worthy.  We will be publishing the cream of the crop over the next couple weeks to get you even more amped up for another school year.

It was my freshman year and I had just moved into my dorm.

I was there to play baseball; so naturally, my Bros and I went out for a night of drinking.  We stumbled upon a few fraternity parties, but nothing too spectacular.  That is, until we stumbled upon an off-campus fraternity party, since the campus is technically supposed to be dry during freshman orientation.

During this rager, I notice that there is a bittie in the corner of the room eye-f*cking the daylights out of me.  So, like a Bro, I approach her and start spitting my game.  She finds out that I am a baseball player, which trips her trigger.  I can only assume that she was a “jersey chaser”, but at this point in my college career, I couldn’t care less.  As the night progresses, we make our way out onto the dance floor, where she proceeds to give me the OTPHJ.

Next thing I know, my Bro is messing with my game because he needs me to partner up with him on the beer pong table.  Not being one to pass up a chance to measure dicks with the upper-classmen and show some kids how beer pong is supposed to be played, I join in.  After winning a couple of games, I am finally starting to feel pretty solid and my shot is on.  It is like muscle memory took over, because there was no way I was able to shoot that well, even on a good day.  All of a sudden, I hear a whisper  in my ear. It is the “jersey chaser” from earlier.  I didn’t quite catch what she said and leaned back to listen closer, when all of a sudden I feel her hand down my pants, gripping my manhood. 

She says “Lose this game, NOW!”  So, at this stage, I am definitely in the mood to get out of there.  Before we can leave though, the cops show up outside the house.  At this point, instinct took over. I grabbed “jersey chaser” and we bolt out the back door and over the fence.  Having had to escape from the cops, I am feeling a little clearer than I previously had been.  Again, I notice her hand is down my pants and she begs me to take her to the baseball field.  Without a second thought, we are running toward the baseball field to get down to business.

We hit the dugout along the third-base side and she drops to her knees, drops my pants, and goes to town.  This was, without a doubt, the best blow job I had ever gotten!  After she had worked me and jerked me for a little while, she cannot handle anymore.  She gets off her knees and demands that I get in her.

I immediately rip her clothes off her and we make our way out to the mound, since this is where I feel most comfortable on the diamond.  I get her on her hands and knees and go to pound town. She had no idea what was coming her way when we had begun.

We went our separate ways, and I didn’t think much of the night again until baseball practice kicked up in the fall.  I see “jersey chaser” standing next to the head coach.  And as he introduces her as his daughter, I can’t help but burst into laughter at the thought of taking the coaches daughter to pound town on the mound he recruited me to occupy.

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