Young College Graduates Now Make A Lot Less Money Than They Did in 2000

By 04.05.13

Via the Huffington Post:

Recent college graduates trying to make it on their own have truly been living through a lost decade.


Young college graduates are making less money than they made in 2000, according to a new analysis by the Economic Policy Institute. Those working full-time for the entire year made roughly $3,200 less in 2012 than they made in 2000, when adjusted for inflation.

The Economic Policy Institute analyzed the wages of 21- to 24-year-old college graduates who are not in school and don't have an advanced degree.

At least they're lucky enough to have a job.

The unemployment rate for recent bachelor's degree recipients was 13.5 percent in October of 2011, according to a recent report by the Labor Department. That is triple the unemployment rate for college graduates age 25 and older at the time.


At first I was like wow that's awful, but it's adjusted for inflation, so not as awful. I am one of these people who fall into this ambiguous category, and not gonna lie it could be easier. But in some senses, who cares. We live in America. We can drink water. We don't need the third sushi roll. More motivation to #makeit. More motivation to ultimately be let down. Being compromised by the golden handcuffs is its own form of slavery, anyway. Society, man. Least we're not morally bankrupt*, amirite?

*Your moral bank account is not actually inversely related to your actual one. I was just trying to make us feel a little better. But seriously, capitalism. Outdo people and stuff. Put hashtags in front of words like grind. Screw others over. Overlook balconies and question whether or not you're doing the right thing. It's all part of the game. 

[H/T: Huffington Post]

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