Grandpa Gets Dying Wish To Be Buried With Philly Cheesesteaks

by 3 weeks ago


Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were prepared for the afterlife by having their tombs stocked with tools, clothing, jewels, daggers, food and anything else they could possibly need in the afterlife. Because being dead is exhausting and who wouldn’t want a nice snack for the afterlife? A Pennsylvania grandpa is taking a page out of the ancient Egyptians playbook by being buried with food, specifically a cheesesteak because Philadelphia.

To be buried wit or witout that is the question. For Richard Lussi he wisely chose wit. The 76-year-old grandpa would frequently joke with his family that he wanted to be buried with something to eat in the afterlife. He, of course, wanted to have a delicious cheesesteak from Pat’s, an iconic cheesesteak joint in Philly. Richard, who is from Plains Township, Pennsylvania, died on Oct. 10 from heart complications.


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