10 Shows for Bros to Binge Watch on Netflix

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“Breaking Bad”

You’re a high school chemistry teacher that just got diagnosed with lung cancer? The obvious move is to start cooking and dealing crystal meth. If you disagree then that’s only another reason to see what Walter White (Bryan Cranston) gets into in AMC’s thrilling series. Bros everywhere are talking about “Breaking Bad,” and once you watch it you’ll realize why.

Seasons on Netflix: 4
Bros to look out for: Walter White, Jesse Pinkman

“Parks & Recreation”

Ron Swanson alone will have you laughing and quoting for days, guaranteed. The characters in “Parks and Rec” are nothing short of ridiculous, with Swanson leading the way and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) being a close second. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this show makes me laugh more than “30 Rock” and “The Office” combined.

Seasons on Netflix: 4
Bros to look out for: Ron F*ckin’ Swanson, enough said

“Mad Men”

Basically, the ad execs on Madison Avenue did whatever the f*ck they wanted in Don Draper’s time. From smoking and drinking on the job, to saying tons of politically incorrect things to women, these guys were living the way they wanted to. I haven’t gotten all the way through “Mad Men,” but it’s definitely on my list.

Seasons on Netflix: 4
Bros to look out for: Don Draper, Roger Sterling

“How I Met Your Mother”

Besides following Ted Mosby’s (Josh Radnor) search for a wife, this show has a ton of hilarious back-stories and one-liners.  When you add in Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris, whose Barney Stinson character is pretty much a bro king believe it or not, “How I Met Your Mother” is a show that can definitely kill your day.

Seasons on Netflix: 6
Bros to look out for: NYC Lady Killer Bro, Barney Stinson


Whether you’re a smoker or not, “Weeds,” at least the first few seasons, is definitely worth your time. Seriously, it’s a show about a marijuana-dealing M.I.L.F. Throw in a couple hilarious characters like Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) and Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk), and you’ve got a solid 3 or 4 hours burned.

Seasons on Netflix: 6
Bros to look out for: Middle-aged Weed-Smoking Bro, Doug Wilson

5 more dope shows to be revealed on page 2…



Three recent college grads turned roommates trying to do anything but their actual job. It’s something a lot of bros out there can relate to, and it’s portrayed hilariously in so many ways. Blake, Anders, and Adam are not ready to give up the partying lifestyle, so watch and see how it interferes with their new telemarketing lives.

Seasons on Netflix: Only 1, hopefully Season 2 is coming soon
Bros to look out for: Adam, Anders, and Blake, all in their own ways

“White Collar”

Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is just a boss. He’s a con man that avoids prison by helping the FBI catch other white-collar criminals. At the same time he’s also making moves of his own and getting any girl he wants. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but it’s towards the top of my list of shows I need to get into.

Seasons on Netflix: 3
Bro: Neal Caffrey, hands down

ESPN “30 for 30”

Obviously this is a little different than the rest of the list, but the “30 for 30s” being on Netflix is awesome. There are some amazing films in the first collection ESPN put out, and now all 30 are on Netflix. So if you’re looking for a change up from one of the other shows on the list, definitely take in one or two of these. Also, the new set of “30 for 30’s” is starting up now, so keep an eye out for those.

Bros to look out for: The U


Like “Weeds,” the first few seasons of “Lost” are the best in my opinion, but those alone got the show on this list. Lots of wild and unpredictable turns, along with some straight up ridiculous plot lines, will get you hooked on “Lost.” Evangeline Lilly is pretty hot, too.

Seasons on Netflix: 6
Bros: Sawyer, Charlie

“Friday Night Lights”

Based on one of my favorite movies, “Friday Night Lights” is easily one of my favorite TV shows. There are awesome football scenes, perfect characters, and a high school lifestyle that you’ll wish you were a part of. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Keep an eye out for the movie that’s in the making based on the show, based on the movie, based on the book, based on the true story. Oh, and two words, Minka Kelly.

Seasons on Netflix: 5
Bros to look out for: Nobody f*cks with Riggs

Honorable Mention: “24,” “Archer,” “The Office,” and I’ve heard good things about “Prison Break.”

These are obviously only ten of the hundreds of shows on Netflix, and don’t even get me started on HBO Go, but all ten of these are great shows for bros to get into. Let us know if you think any shows on here don’t deserve to be, or if you have one you think should have a spot.

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