16 Fictional Bars We Wish Really Existed

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The dive bar is slowly dying. Everyone except on TV and in movies. The small and big screen are home to some of the best bars ever. Unfortunately, those watering holes don’t actually exist. But oh if they did…

While I’m in a good spirit, I thought I would include this very important paragraph:

SPOILER ALERT: The real bars don’t exist although we wish they did, hence why I’m writing this in the first place. If these bars did exist, it would be like drinking a beer in God’s vagina (sorry God) so there are a select few cliché bars that do exist and I decided to leave them out on purpose. And because I know if I walked into Cheers one day, everybody would really have no clue what my fuckin’ name is and I would have to write about how there slogan is shot to shit.

So bring on anything that sounds remotely like: “Umm, way to be an asshole and leave out Bars X, Y and Z!”

I know that some of these bars are the names of bars that do exist in our cities, states and maybe some very cool basements. Some of them are exact replicas. Just because some guy thought it would be a cool idea to open a bar and name it after that bar from that show they fell in love with hardly makes it have a fraction of the coolness of the real thing.

All of these bars are awesome in there own special way. I don’t think Jon Taffer would agree to rescue any of them BUT on the other hand I do think Mr. Taffer would sit down and enjoy at least one beer in each and every one of these bars just to say he could – just like we have always wanted to do. The only difference is that we would never leave.

In no particular order, here are sixteen fictional bars we really wish existed.

Paddy’s Pub – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


You can be at the same bar as Danny DeVito, The Penguin. Enough Said.

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