1992 Dream Team to Appear in NBA 2K13

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Kotaku's Owen Good brings the scoop today that you will be able to play with the 1992 and 2012 U.S. Olympic teams in NBA 2k13. Even Charles Barkley, who hasn't appeared in a video game in years, will be making a comeback. (Scottie Pippen, unfortunately, will be missing.) From Kotaku:

Video gamers can settle it for themselves this October when both squads, in their United States Olympic uniforms, appear in NBA 2K13. And yes, that means Barkley is at long last returning to a video game.

“I think it's going to start more arguments than it ends,” [Michael] Jordan said in an appearance arranged by 2K Sports, for whom he's been an endorser since 2010. “I don't think it's every going to end because we'll never know. The only way for it to end is to lace 'em back up and play in this game in 2012.”

Apparently, the Dream Team coalesced in the game thanks to executive producer Jay-Z. Barkley was hesitant to be involved until 'Hova put a call in.

“In our meetings with Jay-Z, he absolutely needed USA Basketball, both 1992 and 2012, in this game.” Argent said. However, “If we're putting these teams in, Charles has to be in the game. Our executive producer, Jay-Z, put in a call to Charles himself, and helped us forge an agreement to use him in the game.”

Oh, yeah, Christian Laettner will also be on the team, in case you were worrying. Gotta have Laettner.

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