Remembering 8 Classic WWE RAW Moments

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Chris Jericho's WWF Debut

1999. People were losing their sh*t over the year new millennium. Thus, a new WWF hero. Chris Jericho became the face of a new era. Good thing The Rock had a KY Jelly plan to lube his boot to stick it straight up Jericho's candy ass. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Undertaker vs. Mankind & Kane

Four fighters than defined the pre-Y2K era in a Fatal Four-Way.

Mankind wins his first WWE Championship vs The Rock

Against all odds (and Vince McManhon's approval), Mankind smelled what the Rock was cooking and ended up kicking his ass for his first WWE championship.

“This Is Your Life”: The Rock takes a walk down memory lane

The Rock respects no one, even his high school Home Ec teacher and gym teachers.

Jeff Hardy vs. The Undertaker: The Ladder Match

One of those matches for the undisputed championship that makes you cry, “It's still real to me!” damnit.

“The WCW Sucks”

Remember how much the WCW SUCKED? Thankfully D-X put those fools in their place.

Stone Cold Stuns the Entire McMahon Family

Via our own Andy Moore: “Stone Cold telling Stephanie, “Why don't you give Stone Cold a kiss?” Stone Cold crushing beers with Linda. Stone Cold leaving the ring with three generations of McMahon's stunned on the mat. Love this clip so much I can't write full sentences right now. Austin 3:16 4 lyfe.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin's Beer Truck

I threw this out on Twitter earlier today: Is there any doubt that the Stone Cold Steve Austin era of the WWE was the best era ever? The middle fingers. The beer. The Austin 3:16 shirts. The badass, all-America “I give zero f*cks” swagger. When Stone Cold Steve Austin drove a beer truck into the ring, there was no doubt sh*t was about to hit the fan. Regrettably, we've really become such oversensitive nation of pussies about anything involving alcoholic beverages on TV. It's utterly impossible to think the WWE writing staff could pull something like Stone Cold blasting brew through a hose at Santino Marella or Vince McMahon on live cable TV. Or, in this case, The Rock after calling Steve Austin a Jabroni one too many times. Wimps. I think this YouTube comment puts it all in perspective: “if something like this were to happen today, It would be CM Punk driving a Pepsi truck to the ring (… CM Punk likes Pepsi).” That's really quite unfortunate.


Other fond RAW memories:


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